Better than Any Nashville Used Car Dealer

Ross & Sandra J – Nashville, TN

When it was time to trade in our old Honda, we spent over a month going to Nashville used car dealers looking for a gently used Odyssey. Most dealers didn’t have much of a selection and our family walked away from other used car dealers disappointed. After much stress and aggravation, a neighbor told us about using Genesis Auto Brokers in the past and highly recommended that we call Tom to help us find our next vehicle.

The first time we talked to Tom, we knew Genesis was different than the dealerships where we’d wasted our time. Instead of just starting a sales pitch like the other used car dealers had done, Tom took the time to understand what our family really needed. We told him that we wanted a 2008 Honda Odyssey with automatic sliding doors with less than 60,000 miles. Bells and whistles were nice but we just didn’t have budget for them based on what we’d seen at other Nashville used car dealers.

We had seen a few Odysseys at other Nashville car lots but they were either overpriced, they had really high mileage or they were in poor condition. Within 24 hours of talking to Tom, he presented us with a van that was better than we expected for less money than we had planned to spend.

In the end, we got a great used van from Genesis that was a year newer than we wanted and had 10,000 miles less than we expected. We didn’t think we could afford any bells and whistles but we also got leather, a sunroof and a power rear door that Sandra absolutely loves! It was so much better than we expected and we saved $3,000 – $4,000 compared to what any other Nashville used car dealer would have charged!

Our only regret is that we didn’t call Genesis earlier. In hindsight, it’s ridiculous what we went through before calling Tom at Genesis. And it’s ridiculous how easy it was to work with Genesis.

Next time, we’ll save the time and hassle of buying a used car and just let Genesis find the perfect car for us!

Ross & Sandra J – Nashville, TN